A Few Words About These Options

A brief description about the online classes and certifications offered on this site.

Chosson - Online Lessons - Family Purity


Chosen online lessons

This is the most popular choice!

And, it's all online. Study alone, then online lessons!

How it works:

You are assigned material from Family Purity. Ususally, this is a chapter or two.

We then discuss that material together.

Call it personalized online classes.

We repeat that process. 

Normally, a study session is 30-45 minutes.

We go over work sheets.

There is no maximum amount of lessons. We're done when you are ready.

What you need:

You'll need an internet connection, a hard copy of Family Purity, Whatsapp (or another video app), and a quiet place.

$500, (PayPal).


  • Contact me, and we'll discuss your needs
  • Consultation is no obligation and free. We are here to help.
  • Average: 5-10 lessons.
  • No maximum number of online lessons. We finish, when you are ready.
  • Schedule lessons at your leisure
  • Letter on completion (sample on Downloads Page)
  • Includes 1 year membership to family purity website

Councelor Certification


Prepare for, or upgrade as, a teacher!

Perfect choice to complete your expertise through personalized online classes and upgrade your resume!
If you are already a counselor, or are considering becoming one, congratulations!

You are on a path of wonderful service to others!

How it works:

Contact me. I'll consider your background, experience and aspirations and we'll take it from there.

It's based on personal study and online lessons..


Every counselor receives a letter of completion personally signed by me, acknowledging their knowledge and teaching competence. (Certificate on Downloads Page.)


  • You'll get a personalized program, ensuring you're up to par in all the standard family purity areas
  • Priority, ongoing backup and consultation with Rabbi Jacobs

Refresher Lessons


Catch Up!

This is my pro bono service for personalized online classes.

I know that people are busy.
I know that sometimes we forget things.

And, all you need is some time to refresh what you once learned or to make up for some things you never studied.

All you need are a few online lessons!

What you'll need:

  • A physical copy of Family Purity
  • Internet connection
  • WhatsApp (or another video app)
  • A quiet space